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Writing - Vance Stevens (redirected from Writing-VanceStevens)

Page history last edited by Vance Stevens 8 years ago

Teaching writing on iPads

and other voice-enabled mobile devices

Vance Stevens at ISTE 2015





Scan the QR code to join me on this page



iPadagogy for teaching writing with voice


Google Docs and Google Drive




Techniques for teaching writing using voice in Google Docs

  • Speaking compositions into Google Docs app
  • Leaving comments in writing via voice 


Using voice with DocsStoryBuilder




(Not an app, but if  you use it while logged in to Google,

your stories can appear on your profile)

Dragon Dictation and more





Workshop Plan


10 minutes - introduce the topic

and explore resources, as per http://tinyurl.com/iste2015vance-doc 


35 minutes - practice


Google Docs Story Builder


  • 5 min - Find a partner, introduce yourself, discuss (suggestions)
    1. What do you teach in common
    2. What do you like about Google Tools
    3. What do you hope to gain from this workshop
    4. What’s the point of technology?
    5. whatever else comes up 


    1. It’s a website, not an app

    2. Type or speak your dialog

    3. Generate a shared link

    4. Paste that link to https://todaysmeet.com/iste2015gdsb  



Voice in Google Docs


10 min --

    1. Title it with your name / ISTE 2015

    2. Divulge something interesting or surprising about yourself OR

    3. report the chief take-away from your Google Docs Story Builder dialog

    4. Write the link of your GDSB in the document

    5. Experiment with voice tools in Google Docs

      1. add comments

      2. add text 


Insert Word Cloud into Google Doc


10 min -


  • Make a Word Cloud,
    • Save it in your camera roll
    • Follow the tutorial to insert it into your Google Doc






  •  As an option to any of the above, 
    1. Create an Educreation or Explain Everything artifact and link to it in your Google Doc


Here's the flip!


The slides are open and available here:



The presentation has been written up and is available here:



A July 2015 version of the Google Doc article has been blogged here



Vance dress rehearsed this topic at a Learning2gether event June 7, 2015, archived here



and available on YouTube



If you have questions or comments join the conversation at this event page 



The first part of the workshop was recorded as a Hangout and can be replayed at the link above



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